Tilburg Moves 2014

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For the 6th time we will be hosting the WDSF World Open Standard & Latin. This year we have added the WDSF Under 21 Standard & Latin, World Adults 10 Dance and the Juveniles Open to the World competitions!

Competitions are danced at Sportscenter T-kwadraat | Video here

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Tilburg Moves 2014 – RESULTS

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Video impression Tilburg Moves 2014 (Dutch)

WDSF World Open Standard

On the photo Francesco Andreani / Francesca Longarini – Italy Winners of the Tilburg Moves WDSF World Open Standard. 2.Valentin Lusin / Renata Busheeva-Germany, 3.Earle Williamson / Charlotte Christiansen-Denmark, 4.Evgeny Mushtukov / Polina Drogobych-Russia, 5.Alessandro D’Amora / Maria Gorelik-Italy 6.Alexis Bergeon / Johanna Rivier-France | complete results HERE

WDSF World Open Standard

Video’s WDSF Tilburg Moves 2014

Willem Broeksta Wecbro was present at Tilburg Moves 2014 see his video’s here:

WDSF World Open Standard | Semi-final WDSF World Open Standard | WDSF RS Open Standard | WDSF Youth Open Standard | WDSF Senior I Open Standard | WDSF Senior II Open Standard | WDSF Senior III Open Standard | WDSF Senior IV Open Standard |

WDSF RS Open Latin | WDSF Under 21 Open Latin | WDSF Youth Open Latin | WDSF Senior I Open Latin | WDSF Senior II Open Latin | WDSF Open Ten Dance |

Romy – Special Prizes on TilburgMoves

Romy Dance -  Supplier of TilburgMoves

NADB Debutanten a special 50,00 Euro Gift Voucher to the first 3 couples in each class (25,00 Euro for each dancer)
WDSF Senior I-II-III places 1, 2 and 3, a special easy sponsorship to the first couple without sponsor. This means a special price for all the personal shoes the couples needs during 2014

Go see www.dancefactory.name

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NCB Hermans main sponsor of TilburgMoves

La Cloche party catering & events

Tilburg Moves Production

Tilburg Moves 2014 is being produced by: www.justnoworries.nl

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Tilburg Moves DanceSport TV

During the competition days we will upload frequently new video‚Äôs. Go see Tilburg Moves DanceSport TV to see the video’s from the previous years.

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